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Real Estate Advice: Mortgage explained

A MORTGAGE is a debt instrument, a legal document that is enforceable evidence of your loan and the timely promise of your payment. On a home loan, the house will serve as your collateral that obligates the borrower to pay the debt. A mortgage is used either by individuals or businesses to make a large …


Property Management Tips: Residential Investment Guide

In Residential Investment, the higher the value of a house the bigger residential investment will be. It is when the cost of construction is higher, the price of its replacement cost will be higher. Improvements are valued like alterations of the house, extensions, especially location. The value of a house is greatly affected by the …


Buyers: Questions to Ask Before Putting in An Offer

As a BUYER, you need to know what you are buying like where your investment is going. Asking may help you understand the reason behind the sale. However, real estate agents are legally bound to tell the truth that’s why you must ask the right questions to know the real situation. Some agents avoid inconvenient …


8 Reasons Real Estate is Your Smartest Investment

When you plan to invest in real estate you should know about inflation. If you’re not familiar it means, “a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.” It’s simple –Your money doesn’t go as far. Inflation is uncontrollable. Invest in things that will give you a better cash flow so …


Property Management: Top Five Tips and Tricks for Success

According to FRE Real Estate and Property Management, the average cost of tenant turnover is between $2,500 to $3,500 depending on the area where you live. The focus of any property manager is to keep the tenant turnover low and maintain the quality property. Before you start, the endless details and ways to keep the …


Homebuyer Tips: How to Deal in a Fast-Paced Real Estate Market

 To get the home that you really want, you must prepare yourself!   In the US, the real estate markets are in fast-paced, especially in this generation. Home-selling is as quick as an hour rather than days with the complicated process. Most of the home buyers find it difficult to find the house that they …


6 Tips on How You Can Turn a Real Estate into a Real Fortune

1.      Start small. There’s no such thing as starting too small if you want to have a future in real estate, because if we want to turn a real estate into a real fortune we should start small. Many people have done it over the past years and you can do it too! Do not …


Renovating for Resale: Where to Focus Your Attention

Renovating for resale can be a bit daunting, especially since it will feel like you are being imprisoned within the conditions of the resale value projections. A renovation is often something that a home owner looks forward to since it means adding features they’ve always wanted to their humble abode. This applies if the owner …


Tips to Become Successful Real Estate Agents

The real estate industry is so cut throat that one needs to be strategic and creative in order to stand out. With countless companies offering property management services, it’s important that the client can easily find you, and remember you if ever the need to give referrals comes up. We fully understand the struggles of …


How to Find the Right Property Manager

Looking for perfect property management companies can be a bit daunting since it can be quite tricky to find the right one, and it can also be scary to entrust your investment to a company. This is the reason why it’s so important to do your research first before hiring someone to manage all of your …