Distressed Property Management

Florida Distressed Housing Specialists

Follow the Smart Money into Distressed Housing with the experts at Palm Beach Managers.

There is a saying at the hedge funds, the best returns lie in houses that are just above blighted and below $130,000. At Palm Beach Managers our clients have witnessed first hand the unbeatable income (often 12% or greater) and outstanding returns (20-30%) that await intelligent investors with enough insight to invest in distressed properties.

Why Choose Us?

  • We ensure our clients are investing in neighborhoods that are undergoing positive change and not falling into decline.
  • We make sure you buy properties in need of rehab and not tear down.
  • We make sure your property has no liens in place, or if it does we are experts at negotiating them down.
  • We do the rehab for you or, if you prefer to do the rehab yourself we are there to advise you if you need help.
  • We screen tenants to make sure you are getting solid renters that are not financially unstable.
  • We have a strong working relationship with the section 8 people so we can get you the best possible tenants.
  • We always make sure you pass section 8 inspections.