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What You Should Know About Real Estate Valuation

It is usually the numbers that make a real estate more inviting to the investor other than its whole appearance. But appearance and how it was created are just some of the common factors considered for evaluating such property. A good evaluation or appraisal will define the cost of your investment. Evaluation is important before …


List of Worst Business Practices in Real Estate Industry

Here is the List of worst business practices in the Residential Real Estate Industry that you should know. Price Fixing of Real Estate Commissions. This is as a protection to the realtors’ commission that takes 30% of the consumers’ equity. This prevents the consumer from negotiating their commissions and forcing them to pay for the …


Real Estate Tips: First Time Buying a Home

You don’t need to be so stressed when you’re buying a house. We all know that we have too many things to consider but if you’ve already planned it well, you’re in the right direction. Just in case you need more tips on how you can buy a house in the US, here are our …


Property Management: Real Estate and Its Four Types

Real estate is a property or investment consisting of land, buildings, and everything within the land. It also includes “accessories” such as trees, crops, minerals, water and anything immovable within the said land or property. A real estate is also a form of investment which refers to producing or constructing, purchasing and selling a real …


Real Estate Tips: Buying an Affordable Home

Everyone wants to have a home wherein they can live together with their families and loved ones. Many of us are dreaming or planning to buy our own houses but also, a lot of us are still in doubt. We all know that buying a house can take some time and cost us more. That’s …


Real Estate Advice: Mortgage explained

A MORTGAGE is a debt instrument, a legal document that is enforceable evidence of your loan and the timely promise of your payment. On a home loan, the house will serve as your collateral that obligates the borrower to pay the debt. A mortgage is used either by individuals or businesses to make a large …


Property Management Tips: Residential Investment Guide

In Residential Investment, the higher the value of a house the bigger residential investment will be. It is when the cost of construction is higher, the price of its replacement cost will be higher. Improvements are valued like alterations of the house, extensions, especially location. The value of a house is greatly affected by the …


Buyers: Questions to Ask Before Putting in An Offer

As a BUYER, you need to know what you are buying like where your investment is going. Asking may help you understand the reason behind the sale. However, real estate agents are legally bound to tell the truth that’s why you must ask the right questions to know the real situation. Some agents avoid inconvenient …


8 Reasons Real Estate is Your Smartest Investment

When you plan to invest in real estate you should know about inflation. If you’re not familiar it means, “a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.” It’s simple –Your money doesn’t go as far. Inflation is uncontrollable. Invest in things that will give you a better cash flow so …


Property Management: Top Five Tips and Tricks for Success

According to FRE Real Estate and Property Management, the average cost of tenant turnover is between $2,500 to $3,500 depending on the area where you live. The focus of any property manager is to keep the tenant turnover low and maintain the quality property. Before you start, the endless details and ways to keep the …