Asset Management

To us, great asset management is about applying information to achieve results consistent with the investment objectives of our clients, and that’s what we do best.

Our team will identify both the challenges and opportunities facing your portfolio and offer proactive advice and recommendations to enhance the investment yield. With you, we will set goals and objectives for portfolio performance appropriate to the specific issues and life cycle requirements of the properties within the portfolio and then we will closely monitor operations with a creative, disciplined and pragmatic approach.

Asset Management Services:

  • Due diligence
  • Market studies
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Property supervision and reporting
  • Operating and capital budgeting
  • Capital needs assessments
  • Refinancing and syndications
  • Construction support
  • Utilities audits
  • Sales and disposition
  • Investor Services

Advisory services

In addition to brokerage and property & asset management services, Palm Beach Managers LLC Management offers the following advisory services to its clients

  • In-depth market reports
  • Opinions of value
  • Tax appeal evaluations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost segregation
  • 1031 Exchange guidance
  • Property optimization
  • Due diligence services

REO Management Services

  • Secure properties, locks and lockboxes
  • Maintenance Contractor Services Management
  • Take photos as required
  • Broker Opinion Reports (BPO Reports)
  • Prepare Monthly Property Condition Reports

We also offer extensive value-add services by leveraging our excellent relationships within the industry. We can guide our clients in debt and equity, tax credit compliance, residential brokerage and both residential and commercial leasing.

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