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Palm Beach Managers provides a comprehensive evaluation.

At Palm Beach Managers our focus remains on the management of rehabilitated single family homes, investor owned condominium units and townhouses throughout the greater Palm Beach County region.

The evaluation we provide you analyzes the condition, rental BPO (Broker Price Opinion), occupancy and cash flow of your  rental property. We will include suggestions for improvement where necessary, and highlight areas where our services will be of most benefit.

Tenant Placement

Marketing is a very large part of our business. We employ full time staff whose sole focus is generating quality tenant leads. Every day many people contact our offices in response to the many marketing outlets we employ. These prospects are quickly transitioned into showing appointments and applicants. We typically have multiple candidates for each vacancy.

Lease Preparation

Owners are free to require the use of any lease agreements that they choose. But our attorneys have drafted some of the industries most protective leases. At Palm Beach Managers we know the value of protecting property owners and their investment assets. Several days before occupancy, our clients have the opportunity to review the lease and make any changes that they see as necessary. Our licensed professionals handle the rest.


We have contractors, or we’ll work with yours. Over the years we have built a strong book of some of the best contractors. They’re reliable, their work is good and their prices are some of the best in town. Our construction teams give us great rates because we keep them busy. Whether responding to a simple service call or a complete remodel, our clients appreciate the attention to detail and advice to keep expenses to a minimum. If you have a great contractor, we’d love to work with them too.

Rent Collection

Palm Beach Managers is dedicated to collecting your rents. We have systems in place that have allowed us to consistently collect over 99% of rents. Our process includes monthly invoices to every tenant, phone calls to tardy tenants, property visitation and other steps to maximize collection and retention.

Rent Processing

We process rents on the 10th day of every month. Every client receives monthly statements that detail rent collection, bill payment, maintenance costs, capital improvements and all other income and expenses. These statements are mailed or emailed to each client and their net income for the month is mailed out on the 11th.

Bill Pay & Utility Reimbursements

Palm Beach Managers offers the convenience of bill payment for every expense associated with our clients’ properties. Any expenses that are tenant responsibilities are then added to the tenant’s ledger for collection the following month.

Eviction Filings

We avoid evictions wherever possible, but there are times when they are necessary. Palm Beach Managers has the knowledge and experience to make sure our clients get possession of their properties as quickly as possible. We work with the best eviction attorneys and appear at every court hearing.

* Tenant Damage Policy Included

Eliminate The Headache And Expense Of Resident Caused Damage

Accidents and damage happen – it’s just a fact when managing rental properties. When these accidents happen, if your renter doesn’t carry insurance, it can be expensive and a hassle for everyone. To avoid these costly situations it is becoming increasingly common for property managers to require residents to carry insurance.

At Palm Beach Managers our tenant damage policy is included into our property management service for new clients. It can be very challenging to accurately track resident insurance. At the end of the day this can leave your properties vulnerable and exposed. With our Palm Beach Managers Management Insurance program, our clients’ tenants are now instantly enrolled in our basic tenant liability insurance program which offers owners and investors increased protection against resident-caused damage.

It Is Vital To Protect Investments From Damage Due To Resident Negligence

Your lease mandates insurance, this service turns on and enrolls your resident once our management contract is signed. You have instant coverage full protection whether or not your resident has a renters insurance policy in good standing.

* Our basic tenant liability insurance policy applies to new Palm Beach Managers clients only.

Independent Investor owned properties are are more in demand from tenants due to the privacy that these properties afford.

These properties tend to have a higher rental rate than their apartment counterparts. However, the cost of the property is higher per door than a similar situated apartment rental property’s. Therefore, these investments require a solid team that can provide full service management that includes systems for:

  1. Marketing Vacancies
  2. Screening Applicants
  3. Preparing Leases
  4. Collecting Rent
  5. Coordinating with vendors
  6. Evicting Tenants if needed
  7. Providing Financial Reports that include Income and expenses

Our firm is committed to providing quality property management services to our clients.

Our founder is a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), which is a national association dedicated to property managers and property management companies who provide services for single family and small residential properties. Since many of our property management clients are out of state owners, our property management firm has written and developed several procedures to help us insure that owners are appropriately informed. These procedures include:

  1. Ledger that tracks owner’s contribution and payments
  2. Balance Sheets
  3. Tenant Rent Roll
  4. During vacancies, we send showing reports from realtors along with any feedback they have
  5. Email notification of money being sent to the owners
  6. Digital approval from owners for repairs of an emergency nature, estimates of repairs that are higher than the delegated authority to spend, or maintenance of a contractual nature

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