Property Management

Property Management Checklist

Thank you for choosing Palm Beach Managers, LLC, a full service scattered site property management company in Palm Beach, to manage your property. To get you set up, we just need a few things. Completing the form below is necessary so that we have a complete file and can hit the ground running!

First, please download the IRS W9 form. You’ll complete this, save it to your desktop, and then upload it to the below form. If you own the property personally, please fill the form out using your SSN. If an entity owns the property, use the entity’s EIN number. If the entity has not yet had an EIN assigned, please visit this page to request it.


    Name of Entity which owns property (if not your name)

    Property address *

    Do you currently have your commercial activity (formerly called business privilege license) and housing inspection licenses? *

    Please upload copies of your commercial activity license (formerly Business privilege) & housing inspection licenses.

    Do you currently have a landlord's insurance policy? *

    Please provide us with the carrier & policy # (your insurance agent will need to fax over proof of the policy, but this information will suffice in the mean time). *

    Please upload the W9 which you downloaded, edited and saved earlier.

    Please scan a copy of a voided check (or a picture from a smart phone will work) and upload. This is where we'll send your owner disbursements. Alternatively, this may be faxed to (215) 827-5224.

    Your Mailing Address *

    Street Address

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    Postal / Zip Code


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