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Buyers: Questions to Ask Before Putting in An Offer

Buyers: Questions to Ask Before Putting in An Offer

As a BUYER, you need to know what you are buying like where your investment is going. Asking may help you understand the reason behind the sale. However, real estate agents are legally bound to tell the truth that’s why you must ask the right questions to know the real situation. Some agents avoid inconvenient facts that might hold you back in buying a home. Agents are after incentives as well as you are after saving your fortune.

Why is the owner selling?

Yes! That’s no. one, because why are they selling the property anyway? However, agents don’t have to answer that because what’s important is if you are interested in the property. But in most cases the agents answer this question, some circumstances might be for the emergency purpose (like life and death, but we are not hoping for that though) that the owner wanted a quick sale and offering the property at a very good price.

Is there anything that you would want to know about the house if you were buying?

This will save you from what you’re missing out (it might be a negative fact) about the place or property that you want to buy. You should do some research or you can ask the locals about the property.

Exactly what is included in the sale?

Know every detail of the property that is included in the sale. Make sure you see all of what you are getting. Or if you want something on the property you should clarify it to your agents whether it is included in the sale or if not, then maybe you can make it as a condition to offer.

How long has the property been on the market?

You’ll never know till you ask. Ask the agent about how it has been on sale. If it is for a long time then what are the problems why it is not selling. Does other prospective buyer know anything that you don’t know?

How long have the owners lived there?

You may want to know about how long the owners stayed in the property. Is it only for a short period? If it does then why are they moving out? Does the neighborhood unsafe that made them want to find a much peaceful surroundings. Purchasing a new house is definitely one of the biggest decisions you will make so make sure you get everything right.

You better start asking this questions if you are planning or in the middle of negotiating on buying a home. Maybe you have other questions in mind that are not listed here then you should ask now than never. You don’t want to waste your money just because you are shy asking about the property. Know your property because this is your INVESTMENT, the FRUIT OF YOUR LABOR. You don’t want to end up realizing that the property is not for you, that it does not fit your lifestyle. You should ask now, as in NOW.

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